Get Started

Getting started is easy. While the process can look a little different for everyone depending on your individual background and experience, we generally recommend a tour and our fundamentals program.

Interior of Lion's Roar Crossfit, Greenville SC

Step 1: Free Tour and Consultation

Take a tour of our facility, meet the coaches, observe or try one of our classes, discuss our programs and get an idea about what CrossFit is and what it can do for you.

James Page Coaching at Lion's Roar Crossfit, Greenville SC

Step 2: Learn The Movements

You’ll take a 3-session Fundamentals course where one of our experienced coaches will personally guide you through all of the CrossFit movements (and how to read all of that crazy CrossFit WOD lingo). Technique will continue to be coached and re-emphasized after you complete this program, but you’ll “graduate” knowing that you can confidently participate in our regular classes.

Schedule a Free Visit

Give us your name and email address and one of our coaches will get in touch to schedule a tour of our gym and a free consultation.