Our Programs

Our classes are geared toward improving not only your athletic and sports performance, but your general quality of life. The programs range from bootcamp-style challenges complete with nutrition support, high intensity CrossFit classes, an olympic lifting class and competitive USA Weightlifting club, to personal one-on-one training. Regardless which path you choose, you’ll be surrounded by a community of encouraging and like-minded members and coaches who will rally around to cheer on your progress.

Box jumps, toes to bar, and burpees at Lion's Roar Crossfit in Greenville
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Our CrossFit programming is comprised of constantly varied, functional movements. We squat, run, jump, climb, lift and throw — moving your body the way it’s meant to be moved.

These workouts are for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced athlete, our coaches are passionate about helping you get better. We’ll advise you on how to scale the load and intensity each day, and we consistently coach and re-coach proper technique in order to improve your overall performance.

After you’ve mastered the mechanics, we encourage these movements to be performed at high intensity, so that you build strength and conditioning without having to spend hours in the gym.

Come check us out and discover how being fit and healthy can improve all areas of life.

Olympic barbells, platforms and training plates at Lion's Roar Crossfit, Greenville South Carolina
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James Page instructs olympic technique to the USAW barbell club

Olympic Weightlifting and Barbell Club

Lion’s Roar Barbell Club is a small but mighty group of competitive weightlifters. One of the few USAW clubs in the upstate, we have members from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re a community dedicated to perfecting our technique and getting stronger, together.

Our team lifts during open gym times and during the four classes dedicated to weightlifting each week. We’re led by head coach James Page, who holds a USAW Level 2 certification and has years of enthusiastic, first-hand experience with the sport. He specializes in teaching people to move the barbell safely and efficiently by personalizing his cues based on an individual lifter’s needs, abilities and skill.

Lion’s Roar offers a weightlifting membership that includes programming with clear progressions, individualized accessory work and refined technique work. This is offered as an add-on for Crossfit members, or as a separate membership for those interested only in lifting.

Members have access to an array of quality equipment, including three dedicated platforms, Eleiko competition bars, Pendlay training plates and a set of jerk blocks. We also strive to offer educational experiences by hosting seminars and in-house competitions.

Whether you are a novice lifter, a seasoned competitor or a CrossFit athlete looking to improve your barbell skills, we would love for you to join us!

Group photo of Healthy You bootcamp challengers at Lion's Roar Crossfit, Greenville SC
Rower for cardio endurance
Getting stronger with deadlifts
Group stretching and mobility to enhance recovery

Boot Camp

A 6-week, boot camp style program that’s designed for all fitness levels. It includes 3 weekly group classes coached by our experienced fitness professionals, personalized nutrition consultations, and access to a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded people.

Personal training client doing deadlifts at Lion's Roar Crossfit, Greenville SC
Strong back squats with coach spotting at Lion's Roar in Greenville, SC
New skills bring joy- first muscle up
Box jumps build endurance and explosive strength

Personal Training

Individualized attention, whether you want to master a specific skill, lose weight, build strength or simply prefer one-on-one to the group classes.

Our coaches have helped train athletes to compete in Ironman competitions, half marathons, CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting competitions. We’ve also helped clients jumpstart their fitness journey in a safe and unintimidating environment, until they were ready and comfortable to join our group classes.

Personal training includes custom programming specific to your particular weaknesses and goals, and one-on-one coaching to teach you correct mechanics, encourage the right amount of intensity and provide valuable feedback throughout your entire workout. Personal training clients can also include nutrition support.

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Ab and core workout with kettlebells
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Corporate Wellness

Lion’s Roar CrossFit works with local business to offer special corporate programs that are dedicated to helping employees improve their health and wellness.

These are employee-incentive programs that focus on a holistic approach to wellness. Some benefits include: improving employee productivity, stress management, goal setting and achievement, interpersonal relationships and team building, not to mention a better quality of life.

We have the capacity to work with all sorts of companies, from small businesses to non-profits, as well as Fortune 500 companies.