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Bad habits are hard to break.
Fortunately, so are good ones.

Our CrossFit programming is comprised of constantly varied, functional movements. We squat, run, jump, climb, lift and throw — moving your body the way it’s meant to be moved.

These workouts are for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced athlete, our coaches are passionate about helping you get better. We’ll advise you on how to scale the load and intensity each day, and we consistently coach and re-coach proper technique in order to improve your overall performance.

After you’ve mastered the mechanics, we encourage these movements to be performed at high intensity, so that you build strength and conditioning without having to spend hours in the gym.

Group fitness class at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC


We’ll sweat, laugh and whine together.

We’ll celebrate PRs, loudly and enthusiastically. We’ll get stronger, faster, better week after week, together.


5-star members. 5-star gym.

“This is a great group of coaches. James is great at focusing on form and the best Olympic lifting coach around. I’m stronger and I don’t hurt anymore.”

Male member gives Lion's Roar Crossfit a 5-star review

Brian DeShields

March 22, 2018

“After searching for a gym for months, I finally found Lion’s Roar. Coaches and facility are great! The members are also very welcoming. I am happy to have found my CrossFit family!”

Female member gives Lion's Roar Crossfit a 5-star review

Sarah Kimmel

December 12, 2017

Get Started

Healthy habits start by taking that first step.

Come check out our space and our coaches, and let’s decide together if we can help you achieve your goals.


Interview us.

Take a tour of our facility, meet the coaches, observe or try one of our classes, discuss our programs and get an idea about what CrossFit is and what it can do for you.


Learn the movements.

A 4-session Fundamentals course with one of our experienced coaches. You’ll “graduate” knowing that you can confidently participate in our regular classes.


Show up. See results.

Show up, do what’s on the board with every bit of effort and focus that you can muster that day, and see positive, measurable results over time.

Options to fit your schedule.


Perfect for those with
unpredictable schedules.


Per 12-visits


Come to as many of our classes
or open gyms as you’d like.


Per month


Unlimited CrossFit plus
your choice of goodies.


Per month

Recent workouts.

What’s on the board will be scaled up or down by our coaches so that every athlete performs at their individual level, safely and productively.

Friday, Jan 18
Workout of the Day
Deadlift 3x6 (Load)
Deadlift for load:
#1: 6 reps @ 70%
#2: 6 reps @ 70%
#3: 6 reps @ 70%
DB Push Press (Load)
DB Push Press x 10-12
Custom Workout (Time)
4 Rounds
14/10 Cal Bike
10 Burpees
10 Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges (53/35) each leg
90s Rest
Thursday, Jan 17
Workout of the Day
Pull-Ups (Other / Text)
Box Jumps (Inches)
Box Jumps
Custom Workout (Rounds + Reps)
15 cal bike, ski, or row
8 Forward Lunge to Reverse Lunge per leg
10 Side Plank Rotations per side
Cool Down (Other / Text)
Couch Stretch
Childs Pose
Banded Pec Stretch
Wednesday, Jan 16
Workout of the Day
Snatch 4x3 (Load)
Snatch for load:
#1: 3 reps @ 70%
#2: 3 reps @ 75%
#3: 3 reps @ 75%
#4: 3 reps @ 75%
Jeremy (Time)
21-15-9 reps for time of:
• Overhead Squats (95/65)
• Burpees
Cool Down (Other / Text)
Thread the Needle
Banded Lat Stretch
Tuesday, Jan 15
Workout of the Day
Bench Press 3x6 (Load)
Bench Press for load:
#1: 6 reps @ 70%
#2: 6 reps @ 70%
#3: 6 reps @ 70%
Toes To Bar (Other / Text)
Toes To Bar
Custom Workout (Time)
3 Rounds
400m Run
25 WallBalls 20/14
Custom Workout (Other / Text)
Kneeling Lat Stretch on bench
Childs Pose
Lunge with Twist
Lacrosse Ball on Feet
Monday, Jan 14
Workout of the Day
Back Squat 3x6 (Load)
Back Squat for load:
#1: 6 reps @ 70%
#2: 6 reps @ 70%
#3: 6 reps @ 70%
Renegade Row (Load)
Renegade Row
3x8 per arm
Custom Workout (Rounds + Reps)
10 Push Press (95,65)
10 Deadlifts (95,65)
30 Double Unders
Cool Down (Other / Text)
2 Rounds
Foot Drills
Banded Pec Stretch
Bird Dog
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